Private Military Contractor (PMC) Course, March 03-08, 2024


Join the International Executive Security Academy (I.E.S.A.) for an intensive Private Military Contractor (P.M.C.) A course that will redefine your capabilities.

πŸ“… Course Dates: March 03-08, 2024 πŸ“ Location: Warsaw, Poland
πŸ’° All-Inclusive Price: €2.299,00 (excluding 9% VAT)

Experience the World’s Most Advanced Live Fire Course:
Master CQB clearing as a team
Execute vehicle convoy live fire pistol/rifle exercises
Excel in VIP ambush extraction scenarios

🎯 No Classroom Time:
This course involves hands-on live-fire exercises as a team. It is perfectly tailored for students aspiring to apply for overseas contracts as Private Military Contractors.

🌍 Defend in Hostile Environments:
Our training is designed to prepare military, law enforcement, and security personnel for defensive operations in hostile regions such as Africa, Libya, Central/Southern America, and the Middle East. Expect realistic scenarios curated by international security experts and acquire essential weapons and equipment for high-risk countries.

Don’t Miss Out!
Take your skills to a higher level with IESA’s P.M.C. Course. For more information, contact us at or on WhatsApp at +31 645752155. Visit our website at to secure your spot now!

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Candidates should have prior training or experience in EP/PSD, CPO / Israeli Tactical Response Methods (IESA), combined Firearms, or CPO Level 3.

Who Can Attend?
Active or former Law Enforcement or Military personnel are welcome to join this intensive training.

Weapons Training:
* Glock 17, Glock 19
* AR-15
* A.K. platform

Topics Covered:
* Threat assessment and risk analysis – Introduction to PMC
* Firearms Training – Single operative (Pistol & Carbine)
* Foot formations
* Convoy – arrivals/departures
* Elements of the PSD Team – roles and responsibilities
* Providing Security in High-Risk Areas – S.O.P.
* Firearms Training in Team (Pistol & Carbine)
* A.O.P. Drills
* Land warfare: force-on-force
* Advanced Firearms Training – Live Fire contact Drills with V.I.P.
* Final examination – theory and practice
* Rules of the use of force
* Tactical Emergency Combat Casualty Car (TECCC)