VIP Traveling Security Services

International Protection Services is a trusted provider of comprehensive Private Jet Aviation Travel Security Services. We understand the unique challenges faced by today's business and recreational travelers and offer a range of tailored services to ensure their safety, logistical efficiency, and peace of mind.

Our team of highly skilled Travel Security Specialists will work closely with you or your employees to deliver a custom security presence based on your specific requirements. From advance site visits and airport pickup to transportation arrangements and threat assessments, we provide affordable daily flat-rate billing for all our services. Our travel security solutions are designed to address the cultural, safety, and security challenges associated with domestic and international travel.

We prioritize the safety and well-being of our clients by conducting thorough research and intelligence gathering for each location and travel route on your itinerary. This proactive approach allows us to identify potential vulnerabilities and develop comprehensive plans to mitigate associated risks. With International Protection Services by your side, you can travel with confidence, knowing that we have taken every measure to ensure your safety and security.

Our consultancy package covers all aspects of private aviation, and if desired, we can provide a personal protection officer or team to accompany you throughout your trip, regardless of the destination. We go above and beyond to deliver integrated and innovative aviation solutions that cater to your exacting needs, taking care of both the big plans and the smallest details.

Experience the ultimate in convenience, luxury, and comfort as our highly trained and professional officers accompany you on your journey. When it comes to safety, you can rely on our security services to get you to your destination securely. We are dedicated to providing the most secure and convenient travel services for every client.

Our Aviation Services include:

  • Travel Protection Security Services
  • Private Jet Charter
  • Corporate Charter
  • Private Helicopter Services

In addition, our Travel Security Services offer:

  • Traveler tracking with a proprietary app and emergency response capabilities
  • Security drivers and vehicles for ground transportation
  • Private aircraft and experienced pilots
  • Secure hotels and private accommodations
  • Intelligence gathering and analysis to assess travel and business continuity risks
  • Security audits and threat evaluations for countries, regions, cities, hotels, venues, and more
  • Emergency medical assistance and evacuations
  • Flexible concierge assistance to meet all your travel needs

With International Protection Services, your safety and security are our top priorities. Experience the highest level of protection and convenience during your travels with our trusted services.

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