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Tomer Israeli - Head of School Israeli Tactical School

Tomer Israeli is a veteran captain of the Israeli Defense Forces with over 20 years of both combat and instructional experience. He began his army career in one of the world’s most respected special forces recon units (Sayeret Matkal – ’92 Yuval) and later as a team member in the Special recon team (Sayeret Golani – Orev ’92 Dotan). As a reserve officer, Tomer led his team at a special forces recon unit deep behind enemy lines during the Second Lebanon War (2006).
Tomer was later selected for training by the Shin Bet (Israeli Secret Service) and became a certified Chief Security Officer upon completion. He was posted to the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C., where he operated as a team leader in a special agent close protection unit.
An expert instructor, Tomer, founded Israeli Tactical School as premium security and counter-terror training organization that would meet the growing demand for a higher level of protective services. His vast experience includes, but is not limited to, VIP protection, air marshal, sensitive infrastructure protection, explosives, small unit commando warfare, recon, hostage rescue, direct action, Executive protection, multiple firearms, emergency preparedness, crisis response, covert operations, surveillance/counter-surveillance, anti-terrorist tactics, and much more.


Our school is the ideal starting point for those wishing to break into the business of protecting others or those transitioning from Military or Law Enforcement, as well as regular civilians, want to develop their combat self-defense skills in a professional set up. Our courses were designed by veterans of the U.S. and Israeli Secret Service agencies (Shin Bet/Mossad) with extensive experience in all facets of corporate, celebrity, dignitary, and VIP protection. The curriculum is extremely relevant to those with little to no experience in the security industry as well as to seasoned professionals. We conduct several hands-on, live-fire urban room clearing/CQB exercises incorporating vehicles ambush, evacuation & extraction. We also cover legal aspects, security procedures, and emergency response skills commonly required by security personnel.

Our worldwide presence gives us access to live-fire 360° CQB shoot houses in Naples, Florida, and Warsaw, Poland, with video shooting depicting crowded event scenarios. The live-fire video scenarios enable us to expose our students to the challenges of making decisions under pressure and according to the rules of engagement.

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