Red Carpet & Exceptional Events Security Services

Are you looking for exceptional special events, venues & red carpet security services in Amsterdam, or across the Netherlands, worldwide?

International Protection Services has years of experience providing logistical support and protective security coverage for awards shows and exceptional special events & venues. Whether you are planning a corporate occasion, a private party, a red-carpet event, a charity event, a convention, or a conference, reliable security is indispensable. The absence of efficient, professional security personnel could be a recipe for disorganization, safety issues, or legal implications.

At International Protection Services, we are committed to providing high-quality special event and venue security services. Our clients are guided smoothly past and through the crowd of media, fans, and general confusion. We always make provisions for non-public routes in and out of events. With our advanced survey of the venue or site location, we can expedite the process of arrival and departure for our clients.

We will offer a team of qualified security officials to help you control your event comfortably.

Event Types:

-Corporate shareholder meetings

-Conferences, trade shows, and exhibitions

-Concerts, celebrations

-Sports events & television shows
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