The Executive Chauffeur / Security Driver

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International Protection Services offers a comprehensive range of training services in collaboration with Driving Company Training Institute.

We can provide bespoke courses to High Profile Clients, their families, businesses, nannies & chauffeurs how to keep safe and be aware of any possible threat, anti-carjacking advice, accident procedures, and simple steps how to minimize the risk of personal attack.

This course will be tailored to meet your training needs – whether you are a protection specialist, executive chauffeur, security contractor, executive, our class will increase your survivability.

The Executive Chauffeur

The course is designed to enable candidates to acquire a range of skills, knowledge, and competencies in carrying out the full duties expected of a professional Executive driver.

The Executive Chauffeur courses are available to individuals, but also to companies wishing to train their drivers to perform their job functions better. The courses cover all aspects of a professional driver’s job, giving you polished professionals who are ambassadors for your company, safer drivers, better able to look after your company vehicle and handle the administrative side of their job. Any requirements specific to your company can be incorporated into your drivers’ training program.

Executive Security Driver

Our executive security driver course is designed for executive protection agents. It is excellent chauffeur training, security driver training, and protective driving training for protection specialists, as well as anyone wanting to gain knowledge and experience in evasive driving concepts, accident avoidance, and skid control. An emphasis is placed on developing intuitive driving skills that will allow the student to recognize and respond to the vehicle’s feedback in order to survive life-threatening situations ranging from deliberate attacks or ambushes to motor vehicle accidents. This course prepares the executive chauffeur or private security contractor with the driving skills necessary to survive an attack while on the road.

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The Executive Chauffeur


Executive Security Driver


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