High Risk Executive Protection / PSD Agent Training

Looking for a High-Risk Executive Protection / PSD Agent Training program for a protection specialist, in collaboration with the Israeli Tactical School, International Protection Services offers a comprehensive range of High-Risk Executive Protection / PSD Agent Training.

Our executive protection training courses are the ideal starting point for those wishing to break into the bodyguard industry. The program is designed for those transitioning from Military or Law Enforcement and regular civilians who wish to develop their combat self-defense skills in a professional setup. Our courses were developed by former Israeli Secret Service agency (Shin Bet/Mossad) special agents field officers with extensive experience in all facets of corporate, celebrity, dignitary, and VIP executive protection. In the program, we teach skills and tools in the world of hand-to-hand combat, live-fire urban room clearing/CQB exercises incorporating vehicles ambush, evacuation & extraction. We also cover legal aspects, security procedures, and emergency response skills commonly required by security personnel.

In the high risk nine days EP/PSD course, live-fire convoy. Ambush exercises with a six-man team. Also, in a high-risk 9-day course, we provide a unique undercover & counter-surveillance street workshop. Our close protection program focuses on minimal classroom time and maximum time to practice repeatedly to give the future bodyguard the confidence he needs in case of an emergency. Our nine-day high-risk EP/PSD course focused on beginners to advanced-level individuals seeking to start up as corporate, celebrity, or private military contractors in overseas job positions.

The contracting teams are always looking for good people with the right skillset provided in our courses. As always, training is only one of the topics required - the units overall looking at what you bring to the table as a person - meaning: how well handle stress? Reaction to authority? Discipline and overall integrity? All of that is as important for your evaluation and fit for the job. In our training, the vetting process is essential for you to evaluate and determine what you should work on and perfect to get a role in the long run. This path combines intensive firearms urban CQB and Vehicle CQB tactics with our high-risk Executive Protection training, especially for live-fire teamwork in a PSD team. The focus is on protection in remote locations with hostile conditions, convoy, and ambush live-fire exercises.
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GLOCK 19/17 or / and AR15/AK47/TAVOR
The course includes beginners and advances pistol rifle CQB & vehicle tactics live fire at the team level (motorcade exercises, hand-to-hand combat, and bodyguard procedures.


This course will be taught using theoretical and practical exercises. The system contains 5% lecture time in the classroom and 95% of the time live-fire combat emergency exercises. The live-fire practices will occur in an urban area at 360 /270 kill houses open outside the fire-range during the warm season.