Close Protection Operative (CPO)Training

Personal Protection (Close Protection) has long been an integral part of the business landscape. The imperative to safeguard companies, their brand reputation, personnel, financial assets, and confidential information has always been paramount. Protective security measures are commonplace and seamlessly integrated into our daily lives.

Our comprehensive course focuses on Israeli Counter-Terror methods, specifically designed for individuals with no prior experience in the Private Security Industry.

The Close Protection Operative program equips you with the necessary skills to effectively manage VIP security, coordinate security teams, and handle the logistical aspects of prevention. The demanding and rigorous nature of protection work necessitates thorough preparation. To ensure future success and avoid pitfalls, our experienced staff from diverse sectors will share their knowledge and expertise.

If you are seeking a top-notch training program to become a proficient protection specialist, this course is tailored for you. Classroom lectures are kept to a minimum, with an emphasis on realistic and practical field training exercises, allowing you to fully grasp close protection operations on a global scale. Expect only 5% of lecture time in the classroom, while the remaining 95% is dedicated to live-fire combat emergency exercises.

This extensive training program equips you with versatile skills to operate effectively in any threat environment as a highly trained protection specialist. The culmination of the course includes a real emergency scenario that incorporates home self-defense training.

Join us and embark on an immersive journey that prepares you for the dynamic world of close protection. Acquire the essential skills and knowledge to excel in this demanding field, and emerge as a competent professional ready to face real-world challenges.

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  • Principles of close Protection
  • Introduction to threat assessment and risk analysis
  • Protection formations
  • Arrivals / Departures CPO Team Techniks
  • Dress code and etiquette
  • Low profile security and tactics
  • Unarmed combat
  • Tactical Firearms (Live Fire)
  • Case studies
  • Shooting under stress
  • Elements of Close Protection Team
  • Cover and evacuation drills live fire
  • Advance work
  • Advance work; surveys, preparation, and planning – exercise
  • Team Leader; roles & responsibilities
  • Radio communications procedures
  • Motorcade procedures
  • Final training exercise: IN TOWN EXCERCISE – training in a realistic everyday situation
  • Briefing the Principal