Counter Terror & International Executive Security Academy (IESA)


In collaboration with Israeli Tactical School, International Protection Services delivers comprehensive world-class training that focuses on protection & counter-terror education for private individuals, a first-class training program for a protection specialist.

The International Executive Security Academy (I.E.S.A.) is an international executive protection and counter-terror academy. We are the world-leading operating companies of Counter Terror & Executive Protection training in the private industry.
Primarily located in the Netherlands, the school carries out training projects and protection services for high-value dignitaries and public figures across the globe.


The I.E.S.A. mission is to provide superior hands-on training from experienced and battle-tested tier-one operators. Our companies offer the most up-to-date and professional security training teach and train those who deal with and want to work on the critical issues of terrorism, transnational criminal activity, protection of people and property from external and insider threats, and more. You will learn the skills, experience, and qualifications to begin working immediately.


Our goal is to teach responsible citizens and professionals the Israeli Counter-terrorism technique proven for decades in the war against terror. In addition, the school has instructors from Secret Service and Army Special Forces. These Instructors are selected carefully to ensure a standard of excellence and the ability to teach and protect international clients with varying cultures and languages. As a result, our companies offer the most up-to-date and professional security training programs.

If you're concerned about hard work and looking for the real deal, this is a place to get professional tactical training.



Training Programs & Courses

Executive Protection missions and training are the crown jewels of the school's operation, with a specialization in Head of State Protection. The International Executive Security Academy & Israeli Tactical School has provided protection unit training for multiple Heads of State, Kings and their families, presidents, members of parliaments, wealthy business moguls, and celebrities from the entertainment industry. 

Our school's primary focus is on combat training for executive protection missions. Pulling straight from the Shin Bet doctrine, we understand that the last line of defense, should prevention attempts fail, is the ability to intercept and neutralize threats. Therefore, the school focuses on hand-to-hand combat; tactical shooting CQB live fire, room clearing CQB to live fire, motorcade ambush live fire teamwork and vehicular live fire tactics. The students experience these live-fire CQB skills at the individual and team levels. These crucial skills and built-in training are essential foundations for students to overcome difficult situations in the most dangerous parts of the world.

We provide several training options such as Executive Protection (EP), Close Protection Operative (CPO), basic & Advanced Tactical pistol / Combined Firearm, Tactical Training, Live-Fire Room-Clearing, Close-Quarters Battle (CQB, CQC), shooting live fire from vehicle CQB, SWAT Hostage Rescue, direct action, Air Marshal, Aviation Security program, counter-terror Instructor, the Private Military Contractor (PMC), Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC), Executive Security Driving/ B6 & B7 training.

Courses available in Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, Florida, Israel, Poland, Thailand, Ecuador, Mexico, Italy, and South Korea.


CPO / ISRAELI TACTICAL RESPONSES METHODES, International Executive Security Academy (IESA)


Courses are designed for all levels, ranging from beginners to professionals. Although the system is not an army boot camp, there are similarities to a boot camp with long training hours and a focus on hands-on training. There are no specific prerequisites. But it is highly recommended that students arrive in reasonably good shape to maximize their performance, primarily with a strong mindset and willingness to work hard. Courses require extensive physical activity at the range, Live Fire Shoot House Exercises, and daily Hand-to-Hand Combat.


We believe that practice makes perfect. That’s why we focus our training on repeated hands-on field exercises. Including room clearing in a CQB city, tactical training, hand-to-hand combat krav maga academics combined with live fire, vehicle exercises, and evacuation drills. With zero classroom time. There’s no better way for students to progress and gain confidence than solving problems and dealing with situations under pressure, like in tier-one units. The training is designed to open executive protection job opportunities for you.


We want you to focus on training and nothing but training. So our all-inclusive package deal includes accommodation: transportation, meals, and all the necessary training gear and equipment, including firearms and ammunition. Regular accommodation consists of two people per room. However, if you wish to have your room, this can be arranged with an additional fee of 100 USD per night.

What make our courses different?

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