IESA offers an unparalleled range of niche tactics in the global market. By joining us as an instructor, you will master a unique product while benefiting from comprehensive marketing support. This combination sets you apart from the competition and enables you to teach your students realistic tactics for effective self-defense in emergency situations.

We actively seek individuals with special forces experience or similar backgrounds to join our team of instructors. Your invaluable expertise and knowledge greatly enhance our training programs. We also offer exciting opportunities for those aspiring to open IESA branches or take leadership roles as state, regional, or country directors.

By joining our team, you become part of a global network dedicated to advanced tactical training. We highly value the contribution of our instructors and provide them with the necessary support to excel. Through this collaboration, you can significantly impact the lives of your students by imparting practical skills and knowledge that genuinely make a difference in real-world situations.

Take the next step in your career as an International Executive Security Academy instructor. Stand out, seize unique opportunities, and join a prestigious community that values excellence, professionalism, and continuous growth. Together, let's shape the future of self-defense training worldwide.

Counter-Terrorism Instructor Program Overview

Our advanced program offers a unique opportunity to participate in all courses the Israeli Tactical School regularly provides. You will engage in one-person/two-man/team room clearing CQB, vehicle CQB, team vehicle convoy, and team room clearing CQB. The objective is to train you to become an exceptional operator and provide you with the opportunity to continue training regularly with us and assist as an instructor in our beginner courses.

Upon completion of your training, you will not only have improved your skills as an operator but also gained mastery of instruction.

After completing our course, you will be able to participate free of charge as an assistant instructor in all future IESA training sessions.

As an assistant instructor, you will gradually assume instructional roles in the courses, going beyond the student experience.

After each teaching mission, you will receive an evaluation and feedback from the lead instructors, enabling you to progress as an operator and instructor. Eventually, you will qualify to lead small groups of students as a lead instructor or even deliver complete courses with the assistance of assistant instructors.

Why are courses free after the instructor's course?

The answer is simple: You invest in the instructor course, and we invest in teaching you to become the best operator and instructor possible.

Continuous training and skill improvement are essential for instructors.

What are the employment opportunities after the training?

IESA is always looking for assistant instructors who are eager to take on more responsibilities and challenges, as we are committed to investing in your development.

We are constantly seeking assistant instructors who are willing to develop their skills and participate in advanced national projects and international training. Our goal is to help you build a career through our training.

Many graduates of our instructor course, especially those who gain teaching experience as assistant instructors, achieve a high level after the course. They can become employees of IESA or join elite organizations such as the Department of State's Diplomatic Security as foreign contractors or special forces units. Our course prepares them for the career they have chosen, whether they decide to stay in the security field or work as bodyguards for prestigious companies like Disney, Google, and others,

Explains Ricky Yazdani, school director.

 "The market recognizes the superior skills of all our students, especially graduates of our instructor course."


€5,999.00 all-inclusive

  • Shared accommodation with two students per room, three meals
  • Provided Equipment, ammunition, and weapons
  • Airport transportation to and from the training center included
  • Internationally recognized certificate by the International Executive Security Academy (IESA) and the Israeli Tactical School (ITS).

What is the duration of the instructor course?

The instructor course lasts at least seven days, provided you have previously completed the 5-day CPO/Israel Tactical Intervention Methods course with us.

  • Day 1 - TAC 1,2 - pistol fundamentals
  • Day 2 - TAC 3,4 - Intro to room clearing / active shooter - rifle / pistol
  • Day 3 - TAC 4,5 - Shooting from a car (static, on the move)
  • Day 4 - TAC 6 - two agents working together - room clearing
  • Day 5 - Counter Surveillance
  • Day 6 - Bodyguard 1 & 2 one agent ambush + ambush with a vehicle scenarios
  • Day 7 - Instructor test

Program Certificates

  • Room clearing live-fire up to the two-person team
  • Vehicle CQB - in/out/on the move live-fire exercises
  • Live Fire Shoot house – certified to teach defense tactics/urban tactics
  • Active Shooter interception - certified to teach TAC 1-4
  • Vehicle CQB - certified to teach TAC 5
  • Executive Protection - certified to teach EP1

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