VIP Protection Training: SVPB Exam for Personal Security in NL

International Executive Security Academy (IESA), in exclusive collaboration with the renowned Israeli Tactical School, presents an unparalleled Bodyguard/Celebrity & VIP Protection Training program tailored for elite security specialists.

The primary objective of the Level I Personal Security Officer training is to provide students with a comprehensive introduction, both theoretical and practical, to all the necessary knowledge and skills required for working as a personal security officer.

Whether you are safeguarding a high-profile CEO during crucial dinners, ensuring the seamless arrival of a distinguished international personality, or providing uninterrupted security for a globally recognized artist throughout an extensive tour, our comprehensive training equips you with the highest level of proficiency.

Our program prepares you to seamlessly handle unexpected situations in the dynamic domain of personal security. As a security specialist, you can seamlessly switch between various roles within a close-knit team. Your sharp situational awareness ensures that nothing escapes your vigilant eye, and your impeccable communication skills are used with precision at crucial moments.

Choose excellence in protection training - where precision and preparedness meet, and every detail is treated with the utmost dedication. International Executive Security Academy (IESA) and the Israeli Tactical School represent the epitome of expertise, offering a training experience that sets the standard for elite security specialists worldwide.

Please note:

This course is exclusively intended for individuals planning to take the SVPB Personal Security exam in the Netherlands and perform duties within the country. For international personal security (CPO), we refer you to our Close Protection Operative (CPO) / Israeli Tactical Response Methods course in Poland.

Learning goals:

  • Person guard Security techniques, Basic and legal knowledge of personal security guard, Coverage and evacuation of VIP Personal security assignments, Briefing of the client
  • Conflict management individual security officer, Drawing up an operational personal security plan, Formations walking with VIP, Entry and exit method,
  • Development of an operational personal security plan
  • Minor Criminal Law
  • Route planning
  • Reconnaissance
  • Formations
  • Personal security assignments
  • Use of force & defense for personal security officers
  • Cover and evacuation of VIPs
  • Conflict management for personal security officers
  • Guest teacher observation & counter-observation,Observation & Counter observation techniques
  • Client briefing
  • Medical training (TECC)


The culmination of the 5-day course is marked by the final exam administered by the International Executive Security Academy (IESA), leading to the issuance of your certificate and a certification from IESA as a Personal Security Officer in the Netherlands.

Please note:However, this milestone is not the last step; to work as a Personal Security Officer in the Netherlands, you must also successfully pass an exam to obtain a personal security certificate through the SVPB in Dutch.

Admission Requirements:

Minimum age of 18 No criminal record Proficiency in both Dutch and English

Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive the certificate "Personal Security Officer". This certification enhances the prospects of working as a personal security officer, and participants can further pursue SVPB certification by taking the exam. Graduates can choose to specialize further by obtaining certifications such Close Protection Security Officer for international opportunities.

What's included in the package?

5-day training Online Theory and a physical instructor of Personal Security with guidelines from SVPB on days you are present at local lessons Observation training Medical training

Required Equipment:

Casual clothing Suit (trousers, blouse, jacket, and tie) Sportswear and shoes Clothing suitable for the climate (summer/winter) and conditions

What to expect from the Personal Security Officer training:

This intensive 5-day program incorporates a series of theoretical classes alongside a maximum number of realistic and practical exercises to offer students a clear understanding of the duties and responsibilities of personal security officers.

Experienced instructors Police, Army, Executive Protection Officers, and personal security guards of A-list artists abroad) Realistic scenarios Adherence to SVPB guidelines.


Personal Security Officer €1,399, excluding 9% VAT.

For the SVPB Personal Security exam, possession of a basic security diploma is required.

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