International Counter Terror Executive Security Academy (IESA)

nternational Executive Security Academy (IESA)

Welcome to the International Executive Security Academy (IESA), in collaboration with the Israeli Tactical School. We are proud to deliver comprehensive, world-class training in protection and counter-terror education. As an international executive security academy, we are dedicated to providing exceptional training programs for private individuals and protection specialists.

With our main location in the Netherlands as part of International Protection Services (IPS), our school specializes in executing training projects and providing protection services for high-ranking dignitaries and public figures worldwide. We take immense pride in being the foremost operating company in the private sector for comprehensive counter-terrorism and executive protection training.


At the International Executive Security Academy (IESA), our critical mission is to provide superior hands-on training delivered by experienced and battle-tested tier-one operators. Our commitment is to equip individuals who deal with critical issues such as terrorism, transnational criminal activity, and the protection of people and property from external and insider threats. Through our comprehensive programs, you will acquire the necessary skills, experience, and qualifications to excel in these areas and be ready to start working immediately.


Our goal is to teach responsible citizens and professionals the proven Israeli Counter-terrorism techniques developed over decades in the war against terror. In addition to our collaboration with the Israeli Tactical School, we have meticulously selected instructors from former members of the Secret Service, Executive Protection agents who have protected high-level individuals, and experts from the Army Special Forces and social police units such as SWAT teams. Their expertise ensures an exceptional standard of excellence and the ability to instruct and protect international clients with diverse cultures and languages. This dedication enables us to offer the most up-to-date and professional security training programs available.

If you are seeking an authentic experience that embraces hard work and professionalism, the International Executive Security Academy is the ideal place to receive top-notch tactical training. Join us on this transformative journey and become a skilled protector, an invaluable asset in the fight against global threats.


Training Programs & Courses

At the International Executive Security Academy, our expertise in executive protection missions and training is the cornerstone of our operations. We take great pride in our specialization in Head of State Protection. Through our collaboration with the Israeli Tactical School, we have provided protection unit training to numerous heads of state, kings and their families, presidents, members of parliament, influential business moguls, and renowned celebrities from the entertainment industry.

Our school is entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring the safety and security of prominent individuals who are at the forefront of their respective fields. Our comprehensive and rigorous training programs equip our students with the necessary skills and knowledge to handle the unique challenges and risks associated with protecting high-profile figures.

From strategic planning and risk assessment to close protection techniques and crisis management, our curriculum encompasses a wide range of essential subjects. Our instructors, who bring extensive experience in executive protection and have worked with prestigious clients, provide invaluable insights and practical guidance.

By choosing the International Executive Security Academy, you will gain access to the unrivaled expertise and training required to excel in the realm of executive protection. Join our distinguished alumni who have successfully served as guardians of global leaders, ensuring their safety and peace of mind.

Our primary focus is combat training for executive protection missions following Israeli methods. As a result, our curriculum places significant emphasis on honing skills in hand-to-hand combat, tactical shooting, live-fire room clearing, responding to ambushes during motorcades, and tactics for live-fire engagements from vehicles.

Our students have the invaluable opportunity to experience these live-fire close-quarters combat skills at both individual and team levels. These crucial skills and immersive training serve as the fundamental building blocks that empower our students to navigate and overcome challenging situations in the most perilous parts of the world.

We offer a diverse range of training options to cater to varying needs and skill levels. Our programs include Executive Protection (EP), Close Protection Operative (CPO), basic and Advanced Tactical Pistol/Combined Firearm training, Tactical Training, Live-Fire Room Clearing, Close-Quarters Battle (CQB, CQC), shooting live fire from vehicles, SWAT Hostage Rescue, direct action, Air Marshal, Aviation Security programs, counter-terror Instructor, Private Military Contractor (PMC), Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC), and Executive Security Driving/B6 & B7 training.

We have designed our courses to be accessible in multiple locations around the world, including Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, Florida, Israel, Poland, Thailand, Ecuador, Mexico, Italy, and South Korea. This wide range of options allows students to select the most suitable training location and benefit from our expertise in various international contexts.

Join us at our esteemed institution, where you will receive unparalleled combat training and gain the necessary skills and confidence to excel in the demanding field of executive protection.

7 DAYS EXECUTIVE PROTECTION EPInternational Executive Security Academy (IESA)


Our courses cater to all levels, from beginners to professionals, and prioritize hands-on training. While not an army boot camp, our programs feature long training hours and emphasize physical activity, including Live Fire Shoot House Exercises and daily Hand-to-Hand Combat. No specific prerequisites are required, but arriving in good shape and possessing a strong mindset and work ethic is highly recommended. Join us to develop your skills and excel in the field of executive protection.


We prioritize practical learning through hands-on field exercises, focusing on Israeli counter-terrorism methods. Our comprehensive training includes room clearing, tactical drills, Krav Maga combat, live-fire simulations, vehicle exercises, and evacuation drills. With zero classroom time, you'll develop confidence and problem-solving skills under pressure, similar to tier-one units.

Our ultimate goal is to prepare you for job opportunities in executive protection. By joining our training program, you'll unlock your full potential and embark on a rewarding career in this specialized field. Take the first step towards achieving your goals, and join us on this transformative journey.



Our all-inclusive package deal ensures that your focus remains solely on training. It covers 3-star accommodation, transportation, 3 x meals, and all necessary training gear, including firearms and ammunition. Standard accommodation consists of two people per room, with the option for individual rooms available at an additional fee of 100 USD per night. Join us for a hassle-free training experience that allows you to fully immerse yourself in honing your skills.

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