Executive & Security Driving Training / Armored Car B6/B7 Training

Executive Security Driving / Armored Car B6/B7 Training

International Executive Security Academy, in collaboration with TSW2 Driving Company Training Institute, offers a comprehensive Executive Security Driving / Armored Car B6/B7 Training program designed to meet the specific needs of protection specialists, executive chauffeurs, security contractors, and executives.

Our training program focuses on providing practical skills and knowledge to high-level security drivers, enabling them to navigate various road conditions and handle potential threats effectively. The course emphasizes realistic exercises that simulate real-life scenarios, allowing participants to develop defensive driving skills and enhance their ability to assess and respond to different types of attacks.

The Security Driving / B6 Armored course covers a range of topics, including vehicle dynamics, defensive driving techniques, anti-carjacking strategies, accident procedures, and minimizing the risk of personal attacks. We also dedicate significant attention to the proper usage of weapons in a vehicle, ensuring drivers are prepared to handle potential threats.

The training is tailored to accommodate participants at any experience level, from licensed drivers seeking to improve their car control abilities to seasoned professionals in the security industry. By enhancing your car control skills and situational awareness, our program aims to increase your survivability and enable you to effectively protect your clients and yourself in high-risk situations.

We understand that each client's needs may vary, and as such, we can customize the training to meet your specific requirements. Whether you are an individual seeking personal security skills or a company looking to enhance the capabilities of your team, our Executive Security Driving / Armored Car B6/B7 Training program will provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge to excel in the field of executive security.

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The Executive Chauffeur (Dutch License CCV-D1&2)

At the International Executive Security Academy, we offer a comprehensive training program for executive chauffeurs. Our courses are specifically designed to meet the needs of both individuals and companies looking to enhance the training of their drivers. Our goal is to provide candidates with the necessary skills, knowledge, and competencies to function as professional chauffeurs for executives and act as ambassadors for your company.

Our training covers all aspects of the responsibilities of a professional chauffeur. We ensure that participants are safe on the road, proficient in maintaining your company vehicles, and capable of handling administrative tasks that are part of their role. By participating in our executive chauffeur courses, you can expect drivers who possess the expertise and professionalism to excel in their positions, ultimately benefiting the reputation and operational efficiency of your company.

Executive Chauffeur CCV-D1

The training for Executive Chauffeurs consists of two parts: a theoretical component and practical training. The practical training lasts four days, with the CCV-D1 practical exam taking place on Friday. During this week, you will be engaged in practical training from Monday to Friday. Prior to the training week, you have the opportunity to acquire theoretical knowledge through our e-learning system from the comfort of your own home. The theory is presented in a clear and organized manner.

You can also choose to complete the practical training first and then acquire the theoretical knowledge. In that case, you must complete the other part within six months after passing one of the exams.


You can learn theoretical knowledge online through our e-learning system. You can also practice with exam questions at your own pace and at times that are most convenient for you.


Through e-learning for Executive Chauffeur CCV-D1, we cover topics such as:

  • Security
  • Road safety
  • Traffic regulations
  • Topography
  • Social Skills for the Executive Chauffeur


  • Traffic safety and vehicle control
  • Special vehicle control at the training center
  • Topography
  • Professional Conduct
  • Security

Theory Exam

During the theoretical exam, you will be presented with 40 questions from different categories, and you must answer at least 32 of them correctly.

Practical Exam

The practical exam lasts for one hour and is conducted at the CBR in Leusden. Prior to the driving test, you will have a brief conversation with the examiner, after which you will present the car, and the exam will begin. During the exam, the examiner will behave as a VIP and give you instructions. Your instructor will accompany you during the exam and sit next to you in the car. After the practical exam, the examiner will discuss the ride with you and provide you with the result.

Executive Chauffeur CCV-D2

If you have successfully obtained your CCV-D1 certificate, you can proceed to the next step: CCV-D2. The training for Executive Chauffeur CCV-D2 aims to further develop your skills with an additional emphasis on security and driving techniques. This training includes driving at higher speeds on provincial roads, overtaking techniques, and trip preparation. Participation in the CCV-D2 training is only possible if you have successfully completed the CCV-D1 training and have extensive experience as an executive chauffeur.

Objectives of the training:

  • Properly preparing for a trip assignment and independently and assertively carrying out multiple tasks during the trip.
  • Being able to switch quickly when the situation requires it (multitasking).
  • Effectively dealing with unexpected situations.
  • Applying security techniques discreetly but actively in everyday traffic.
  • Instructional components include:

Route security planning Handling incidents Multitasking Overtaking technique on single-lane roads Cornering technique Procedures for driving on highways Urban driving skills and decisiveness Use of tools such as navigation and phone Turning techniques Preventive safety aspects and observation techniques and use of the "Language of the Road" Traffic awareness and anticipation Interaction with other road users Social skills

Duration and location of CCV-D2 training:

Training duration: 4 days. Following the training, participants will take a practical exam at the CCV/CBR at an undisclosed location in the Netherlands.

Admission requirements:

CCV-D1 certificate.

To maintain the validity of the CCV certificate, you must complete 3 refresher training courses within five years. The training days for CCV-D2 can count towards the registration of your refresher training days.

At the International Executive Security Academy, we strive to train executive chauffeurs to become highly educated professionals who excel in their roles. Contact us to learn more about our training programs and how we can help your drivers achieve excellence in their roles.

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Executive Security Driver (Dutch License CCV-D3 &4)

Our Executive Security Chauffeur Course offers comprehensive training in driving skills, security driving techniques, and defensive driving for security agents, executive chauffeurs, and security contractors. We focus on developing intuitive driving skills to survive life-threatening situations. Our training equips security chauffeurs with the necessary driving skills to effectively recognize, navigate, and survive potential threats on the road. Contact us for more information about our program and to schedule an appointment. We strive to stimulate anticipation, action, and reaction skills and provide training for conscious individuals who seek excellence in their role as security professionals.

Executive Chauffeur D3

During this 3-day training, all aspects of the CCV-D2 program are covered and perfected to a high level. This enables participants to act professionally in all stressful situations.


  • Excellent visual techniques, traffic awareness, and observation skills.
  • Excellent driving skills and the ability to professionally handle complex traffic situations.
  • Strong anticipatory ability.
  • Very good vehicle operation and control.


  • Perfecting and maximizing visual techniques and observation skills.
  • Maximizing traffic awareness.
  • Enhancing vehicle control under challenging conditions.
  • Perfecting vehicle operation.
  • Increasing anticipatory ability.
  • Driving cornering lines and applying proper cornering techniques in difficult conditions.
  • Maximizing overtaking techniques.
  • Recognition of danger and risk.
  • Optimization of multitasking.
  • Application of observation techniques in challenging conditions.
  • Timely perception, recognition, and evading of pursuers.
  • Risk-avoidance driving behavior.

Training Duration: 3 days

Location: Public roads in the Netherlands and Germany.

Includes: Comprehensive training reports

Executive Chauffeur D4

During this 3-day training, all aspects of the CCV-D3 program are covered and further perfected. This enables participants to act professionally in all stressful situations. Additionally, specific training is provided in driving armored vehicles and mastering escape techniques on a dedicated circuit in Germany.


  • Enhancing vehicle control under challenging conditions.
  • Perfecting vehicle operation.
  • Increasing anticipatory ability.
  • Recognition of danger and risk.
  • Optimization of multitasking.
  • Application of observation techniques in challenging conditions.
  • Timely perception, recognition, and evading of pursuers.
  • Risk-avoidance driving behavior.
  • Escape options after being forced to stop in threatening situations.
  • Escape options in the event of vehicle or property kidnapping or theft.
  • Application of ramming techniques.

Training Duration: 3 days

Location: Public roads and a training circuit in Germany.

Includes: Comprehensive training reports

Certificate Directiechauffeur D3 & D4

The CBR/CCV does not conduct exams for the specialized driving programs D3 and D4. Upon completion of the modules with satisfactory results, you will receive the Directiechauffeur D4 certificate.

Executive Protection Drivers


  • Introduction to security driving
  • Accident Avoidance
  • Vehicle structure
  • Vehicle preparations
  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Physics-forces operating on a vehicle
  • Study of active and passive vehicle assistance systems
  • Proper seating Position
  • Steering Wheel Management
  • Planning and choosing routes and roads
  • Risk assessments
  • High-Speed Slalom (forward and reverse)
  • Direction change [J-turn, U-turn]
  • Emergency Braking Techniques – ABS and non-ABS
  • Traction Control and ABS
  • Recovering from an emergency
  • High Speed Turns Skid Control & Correction
  • Understeering / Oversteering
  • Road barriers and obstacles
  • Exercises on track with less grip and no grip
  • Exercises on a wet track
  • Rescue techniques in the event of an accident. Rollover
  • Motorcade Evacuation Techniques

Our Special Driving Training

  • Security Driving Armored Car B6/B7 training
  • Executive Drivers
  • Security Driver
  • Specialist Driving Training
  • High-Value goods transport
  • Certified courses CCV D1 and D2, D3 and D4
  • Security Driving techniques