Executive Protection & Bodyguard Services worldwide

"Embarking on a journey to Amsterdam, traversing the Netherlands, or venturing worldwide and seeking unparalleled Executive Protection/Close Protection or bodyguard services? Look no further!

Safeguarding High-Profile Individuals

"At International Protection Services, we've safeguarded important public figures, including royal families, high-net-worth individuals, and VIPs facing personal risks due to their status, careers, connections, location, or wealth. Through careful risk assessment and detailed planning, our experienced security teams protect these high-risk individuals from physical, financial, and reputation threats.

Trusted Security Provider

"International Protection Services is a recognized security firm with extensive experience in providing premier executive protection and bodyguard services. With a sole aim of ensuring our high-profile clients' peace of mind, our team is committed to securing their well-being.

Complete Protection Solutions

"We offer thorough protection, guarding clients from potential risks or embarrassments and safeguarding their families, friends, colleagues, as well as their valuable assets. Our executive protection services are tailored to meet each client's specific needs, considering their unique risk profile for the most effective support. Our team specializes in executive protection, threat assessment, defensive driving, emergency first aid, and marksmanship. Each member is carefully vetted, registered, and licensed.

Experience Top-Notch Protection Now

"Ready to experience the best in security with International Protection Services? Contact us now to discuss your needs and witness the unmatched worldwide difference in executive protection and bodyguard services.

Your safety is our priority!

  • Covert Protection
  • Diplomatic Protection or Meetings
  • Protective Drivers
  • Travel Escort
  • Protective Escorts
  • High-Profile Social Functions
  • Award Show
  • Corporate Events
  • Secure Transportation of
  • Precious Cargo
We Provide 24/7 security and close protection services. Let safety be our concern.
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