Private Military Contractor (P.M.C.) Course. International Executive Security Academy (IESA)

Private Military Contractor (PMC) Course, May 06-10, 2024 Warsaw Poland All Included!

Elevate Your Expertise with IESA’s P.M.C. Course!

Join the International Executive Security Academy (I.E.S.A.) for an intensive Private Military Contractor (P.M.C.) A course that will redefine your capabilities.

📅 Course Dates: May 06-10, 2024 📍 Location: Warsaw, Poland

💰 All-Inclusive Price: €2.299,00

🔥 Experience the World’s Most Advanced Live Fire Course:

  • Master CQB clearing as a team
  • Execute vehicle convoy live fire pistol/rifle exercises
  • Excel in VIP ambush extraction scenarios

🎯 No Classroom Time:

This course is all about hands-on live fire exercises as a team. It is perfectly tailored for students aspiring to apply for overseas contracts as Private Military Contractors.

🌍 Defend in Hostile Environments:

Our training is designed to prepare military, law enforcement, and security personnel for defensive operations in hostile regions such as Africa, Libya, Central/Southern America, and the Middle East. Expect realistic scenarios curated by international security experts and acquire essential weapons and equipment for high-risk countries.

⚙️ Pre-Requisites:

Candidates should have prior training or experience in EP/PSD, C.P.O./ Israeli Tactical Response Methods (IESA), combined Firearms, or C.P.O. Level 3.

🛡️ Who Can Attend?

Active or former Law Enforcement or Military personnel are welcome to join this intensive training.

Weapons Training:

  • Glock 17, Glock 19
  • AR-15
  • A.K. platform

Topics Covered:

  • Threat assessment and risk analysis – Introduction to P.M.C.
  • Firearms Training – Single operative (Pistol & Carbine)
  • Foot formations
  • Convoy – arrivals/departures
  • Elements of the PSD Team – roles and responsibilities
  • Providing Security in High-Risk Areas – S.O.P.
  • Firearms Training in Team (Pistol & Carbine)
  • A.O.P. Drills
  • Land warfare: force-on-force
  • Advanced Firearms Training – Live Fire contact Drills with V.I.P.
  • Final examination – theory and practice
  • Rules of the use of force
  • Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (T.E.C.C.)

🌟 Don’t Miss Out!

Take your skills to a higher level with IESA’s P.M.C. Course. For more information, contact us at or on WhatsApp at +31 645752155. Visit our website at to secure your spot now! 🔒🌐🛡️


6 - 10 May, 2024


08:00 - 18:00


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