Our SWAT hostage rescue 5 days course is open for beginners and professionals on Feb 3-8, 2021, in Florida. The course design especially for beginners that took multiple civilian tactical courses and looking for the next level.
Course Agenda:
Day 1 – pistol rifle refresh
Day 2 – room-clearing one man (Limited penetration) pistol/rifle – live fire
Day 3 – two / three men room-clearing – dynamic entry – live-fire – day/night w mounted flashlight (center, corner feds, stairs)
Day 4 – a squad of four men room-clearing – dynamic entry – live-fire – day/night w mounted flashlight and night vision goggles
Day 5 – Hostage rescue slow/hasty include sneaking with Gurila suites/night vision/radios to zero lines + army (little bird MD300)
The course is designed for students wishing to obtain skills in the world of SWAT and direct action. The course focus on live fire room-clearing as two-person/ squad and team tactics.
Students learn to apply the tactics in different mission scenarios such as hostage rescue, raid, night sneaking during the course.
In the course, we learn to utilize NVG  (night vision goggles) and a little bird helicopter to access the objective’s rooftop and add the 3D option to the team.
The training center Israeli tactical school uses in Florida belongs to IMI Force covers 68 hectares. It is situated among an environmentally sound and clean landscape and lakes. The training facility includes different training infrastructures to include live-fire kill house 360. helicopter airborne training with “little bird” MD300 and shooting ranges from/to water lakeside, sniper, rappelling, and more. At this training center, we provide all the programs of Israeli tactical school from beginners, tactical training. Executive protection training to SWAT training. The location is around one hour drive from Miami and 45 min. from Naples, Florida.
For details, contact us here at or 202-674-7255 or
* the course open for students from all levels and beginners with some basic pistol/rifle experience


3 - 8 February, 2021


08:00 - 18:00


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