Close Protection Operative (CPO) Turkey

Close Protection Operative (CPO) for the first time in Turkey!!!

In collaboration with the Israeli Tactical school (ITS) for the first time in Turkey, International Executive Security Academy (IESA)arranges Close Protection Operative (CPO) course. Our training focuses on Israeli counter-terror methods for beginners with little to no experience. Our school is the ideal starting point for those wishing to break into the business of protecting others or those transitioning from Military or Law Enforcement and regular civilians, want to develop their combat self-defense skills in a professional setup.
This extensive 5-day training program will provide you with varied skills to operate as a highly trained protection specialist in all threat environments.
If you are looking for a first-class training program for a protection specialist, this training is for you. The course will use a minimum of classroom lectures with a maximum of realistic and practical field training exercises to fully understand close protection operations worldwide; The Course contains 5% lecture time in the classroom and 95% of the time live-fire combat emergency exercises.
Our Instructors have many years of high-risk environments, working in the Celebrity, Hostile, Military.



18 - 22 April, 2022


08:00 - 18:00
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