Tim Swanborn

Head of Driving Instructor Armored Car V.R. 4 / 9

Tim Swanborn is a highly skilled and experienced driving instructor with a remarkable career spanning 35 years. Tim's journey began in the Royal Dutch Army, where he honed his driving expertise and laid the foundation for his exceptional instructional abilities.

Throughout his career, Tim has contributed his expertise to prestigious organizations such as Private Research Bureau International Security Partners and Prodrive Training by Mark and Paul Maaskant. Additionally, he established his own company, Team Swanborn Specialist Driving Training, where he provided top-notch driver training services from 2005 to 2015.

Tim's driving instruction encompasses a wide range of clients, including Money & Value Transporters, executive and VIP drivers from multinational corporations, banks, and insurers. He has also had the privilege of training various government services, such as the Dutch Ministries of Justice (O.M., BOT, DV&O) and the Dutch Secret Services (DKDB). These esteemed clients rely on Tim's expertise to ensure the continued excellence and skill development of their drivers.

In addition to his extensive experience within the Netherlands, Tim's expertise extends to international realms. He has facilitated driving training sessions on public roads in renowned training areas such as PIVM and RDW. Tim has also conducted training programs abroad in countries like Belgium (Ardennes), Germany (Eifel), and Norway, further broadening his global reach.

Tim's pursuit of personal security knowledge has been nurtured through his association with ISP, where he has learned from esteemed instructors from the Police Academy and the guidance of Hans Slaman, the director and owner. The insights gained from these professionals, including former AT Amsterdam and ex-Person Security MP personnel, have greatly enriched Tim's understanding of personal security dynamics.

With his vast experience, Tim Swanborn has established himself as a trusted authority in the field of driving instruction. His commitment to excellence, continuous skill development, and strong rapport with clients has made him a sought-after driving instructor in various sectors. Tim's dedication to ensuring the highest standards of driver training and personal security sets him apart as a reliable and esteemed professional in his field.


  • Armored Auto Trainings V.R. 4 to 9
  • Security driving and escape techniques
  • The driver of driver training CCV D1 and 2 (D3,4)
  • Money & Value Transport
  • Snow and Ice Trainings Norway
  • Motor counseling training


  • BMW Security Fahrer Training
  • Mercedes - Benz Spezial-Fahrertraining mit Sonderschutsfahrzeugen
  • Bosch Testfahrer, Prüfzentrum Boxberg
  • Racing School of Champions, European Race Licensed Touring Cars
  • Artic Rally Team, Rally Driving Course
  • Chiel Bos Norway Rally Experience
  • All Driving and Instruction Certificates including Code 95
  • Risk Manager Fleet Allianz Netherlands