Stan Alamut

Counter/ terror instructor
( IESA / ITS )

Stan is a distinguished individual with a wealth of experience in the field of law enforcement and personal protection. With a background as a former police officer, Stan brings a unique skill set and a deep understanding of security and safety.

For over 30 years, Stan has been an esteemed instructor at the renowned Israeli Tactical School. His expertise lies in combat shooting, sport shooting, and hunting, where he imparts his extensive knowledge to aspiring professionals and enthusiasts alike. As a seasoned instructor, Stan is dedicated to enhancing the skills and proficiency of his students, ensuring they are well-equipped to handle various situations.

In addition to his expertise in shooting disciplines, Stan is a recognized weapons expert. He has undergone numerous specialized training programs in combat shooting, personal protection, and defensive and offensive driving. This comprehensive training equips Stan with the skills necessary to assess threats and provide effective security measures in dynamic environments.

Stan's commitment to his craft and continuous professional development is evident in his extensive training and expertise. His unique skill combination of firearms proficiency, personal protection, and defensive driving makes him a valuable asset in the field of security and safety.

With Stan's guidance and expertise, individuals are provided with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate high-pressure situations effectively. His dedication to excellence and unwavering commitment to safety makes him a trusted and respected figure in the industry.

Stan's passion for his work and his ability to impart knowledge and skills make him an exceptional instructor and a valuable asset in any security or protection setting.

Key Skill:

  • Israeli Tactical School Counter-Terror Instructor: TAC 123456
  • Executive Protection /Close protection Level 3 (EP/CPO)
  • Advanced Executive/Close Protection foot techniques & vehicle formations
  • Close Quarter Battle (CQB) defensive shooting skills
  • Advanced counteractions (team formations & vehicle movements)
  • Advanced weapons training (Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns, Sniper, AR-15 & AK-74 Semi-automatic weapons)
  • Protective Services/Security detail (PSD) attack on client & evacuation lives fire situations
  • Security convoy (PSD), single & multiple ambushes live fire situations
  • Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) / First Aid