Michel Braker

Head of Instructor Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC)

Michel Braker is an exceptional professional with an extensive background in various medical fields. With over 15 years of experience, Michel has amassed a wealth of knowledge through training courses and hands-on operational roles.

Michel's training and education encompass a diverse range of specialties, including ABM (Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics), firefighter first-class certification, military registered nurse, and offshore registered nurse. These qualifications have equipped him with a comprehensive skill set to provide exceptional care in various healthcare settings.

Throughout his career, Michel has gained valuable experience in pre-hospital care, attending to patients in challenging and diverse environments. His nursing expertise extends to areas such as prisons, ambulances, and war zones, as well as both cold and hot weather conditions. Additionally, he has applied his skills offshore and in high-speed sports, further showcasing his adaptability and versatility.

Michel has excelled in providing specialized medical care in high-threat situations, where his ability to remain calm and make critical decisions under pressure has been paramount. This experience has honed his decision-making skills and prepared him to thrive in stressful circumstances.

In terms of work experience, Michel has served as a security officer, contributing to the safety and security of various organizations. Furthermore, he has made significant contributions as part of the Defence Airborne Brigade, completing two tours in Afghanistan and one tour in Iraq.

Michel has also utilized his medical expertise in unique environments, such as offshore platforms and boats, where he provided crucial medical support. Additionally, he has served as a helicopter landing officer and radio operator, showcasing his exceptional multitasking abilities.

Moreover, Michel's commitment to public safety is evident in his role as a first-class firefighter. He has dedicated himself to protecting lives and property in emergency situations, displaying courage and resourcefulness.

His passion for providing medical care extends to car and motorsport events, where he has served as a nurse, ensuring the well-being of participants and spectators.

In addition to his extensive work experience, Michel is the proud owner of CRUP (Can Rescue Under Pressure), a testament to his dedication to providing efficient and effective medical assistance when it matters most.

With Michel's wealth of experience, unwavering commitment, and exceptional skill set, he stands as a valuable asset in the field of medical services and emergency response.