Michel Braker

Head of Instructor Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC)

Michel is one of the International Protection Services partners to provide Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) training.
His training and education consist of ABM, firefighter first-class, military registered nurse, offshore registered nurse.
He has experience in pre-hospital care. As a nurse, he has experience in prison, ambulances, war zones, cold and hot weather areas, offshore, and high-speed sports.

He started TECC training because the world is changing regarding aggression, which needs to be anticipated medically. TECC does this very well, and that's why he choose this form. There are various scenarios in which we, as security guards, can end up in whatever branch. By following the TECC, you can perform life-saving actions in any situation. "Providing medical care is part of your job. He help you accomplish that task."

Work experience and training

  • Security officer
  • Defence, Airborne Brigade 2 tours Afghanistan 1 tour Iraq
  • Prison nurse
  • Offshore nurse on platform and boat
  • Helicopter landing officer and radio operator
  • Firefighter first class
  • Nurse at car and motorsport events
  • Owner of CRUP Can Rescue Under Pressure.