Fred Warmer

Head of Leadership
Personal Development & combat Drills.

Fred, an esteemed partner of International Protection Services, specializes in Personal Development and Combat Drills. With 39 years of experience as an officer in the Royal Dutch Army, Fred holds the rank of major and has an impressive military background. He is a decorated combat veteran with multiple deployments to Afghanistan, showcasing his courage and dedication to serving his country. In recognition of his exceptional contributions to the monarchy and the military, Fred was knighted by the Netherlands king.

Currently serving as the head of the Army Public Affairs for the reserves, Fred's expertise extends beyond his military career. He has a diverse skill set, having worked as a combat photographer and forensic photographer at the Joint Deployable Exploitation and Analysis Laboratory (JDEAL/C-IED exploitation). Additionally, Fred is a military historian actively engaged in a scientific study focusing on the Dutch army from 1900 to 1948, further demonstrating his passion for preserving and understanding military history.

Beyond his military accomplishments, Fred brings over three decades of commercial and high-end security experience to the table. As a highly qualified and experienced professional security agent, he has honed his skills in various demanding environments. Fred is an advanced trained mountain climber, having completed numerous survival and mountain expeditions in some of the world's most hostile locations. From the Arctic Circle to jungles and mountains like Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Mt. Kinabalu in Malaysia, Mount Blanc in France, and Mount Fuji in Japan, Fred has embraced the challenges posed by these environments.

In 2019, Fred participated in an expedition to the deep jungle and swamps of New Guinea, dedicated to locating missing or shot down planes and aircrew from World War II. This endeavor showcases his commitment to preserving history and honoring the sacrifices made during wartime.

As a trainer, Fred specializes in combat drills, personal development, military leadership in stressful combat situations, and high-risk environments. His training encompasses vital aspects such as team building, agility, mental toughness, adaptability, flexibility, mental and physical resilience, competence, and character development. Fred also provides training in Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape (SERE), and logistical planning for operations or expeditions.

Fred firmly believes that "most of life's battles are won or lost in the mind," emphasizing the significance of mental fortitude in overcoming challenges.

With Fred's extensive military, security, and survival expertise, International Protection Services can offer exceptional training and guidance to individuals and organizations seeking personal development, combat drills, and specialized skills. Collaborating with Fred ensures access to a seasoned professional who can empower individuals to navigate demanding situations with confidence and resilience.

Key Skill:

  • Basic & Advanced Close protection (CPO)
  • Close Protection foot techniques & vehicle formations
  • High-Risk Environments security
  • Close Protection & Security operational planning
  • Military Leadership in stressful combat situations
  • Close Protection & Security operational planning
  • Advanced weapons training (pistols, rifles, shotguns & AR-15 semi-automatic weapon)
  • Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) / First Aid