Alex de Sain


Alex de Sain: Spearheading Extreme Outdoor Combat Survival at IESA

At International Protection Services, Alex de Sain plays a pivotal role within the International Executive Security Academy (IESA), leveraging his extensive expertise in extreme outdoor combat survival training. His influence extends across three specialized divisions, each catering to distinct aspects of outdoor adventure:

Underdogs-Academy: Within IESA, the Underdogs Academy is Alex's brainchild, focusing on advising and guiding individuals undertaking expeditions in remote or hazardous locations. Alex's expertise ensures that the academy provides invaluable insights, training, and support, guaranteeing the safety and success of adventurers in challenging environments.

Extreme Productions: Under Alex's guidance, the Extreme Productions team at IESA manages the end-to-end process of creating captivating video productions. From concept development to execution, they bring to life the thrilling experiences of extreme sports and survival, showcasing the adrenaline-fueled world through Alex's expertise.

Incredibly Insane: As part of the IESA framework, Extremely Insane caters to athletes seeking high-intensity training, products, and courses. Alex's background in extreme sports uniquely positions him to develop specialized programs that push the boundaries of athletes' capabilities.

Alex's journey to becoming a leading expert in extreme outdoor combat survival is deeply intertwined with his unique upbringing and diverse experiences. Born in Sudan and exposed to wildlife early on, he developed a profound love and respect for nature. His grandfather's role as a wildlife protector instilled in him a passion for outdoor exploration and animal welfare.

After leaving Sudan due to the civil war, Alex's life in the Netherlands was marked by participation in various sports, including BMX and taekwondo. His mandatory service in the Dutch Army further honed his survival skills and resilience, setting the stage for his current leadership role.

Alex has pursued his passion for extreme sports throughout his life, taking on formidable challenges such as a 1,800 km paddle down the Yukon River and an attempt at the Yukon Arctic Ultra. His commitment to rigorous mountain training regimes in Amsterdam and Chamonix ensures that he remains at the forefront of his field.

As a vital member of the International Executive Security Academy (IESA) at International Protection Services, Alex de Sain is dedicated to inspiring and empowering individuals to embrace the challenges of extreme outdoor environments. Collaborating with Alex guarantees access to top-tier training, guidance, and support within the framework of IESA.


  • Certificate of Advanced Weapons Training for Close Protection Operative (CPO)
  • Executive Security Driver
  • Survival in extreme conditions
  • Risk analysis for extreme adventures
  • Creation of client profiles, personal protection plan
  • Advanced weapons training (pistols and rifles)
  • Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) / First Aid