Our Crew

Our Corporate Mission is to achieve our Vision. We are committed to the Following Principles: We are committed to listening and responding to the needs of our employees and supervisors. We will set a new standard in the industry, one of uncompromising quality as a way of life, which is achieved by individuals and as a team. We will offer innovative and progressive security solutions. Our management team will consist of the industries leading experts in their field. We will endeavor to improve and sustain the professional growth of every employee through industry related training opportunities that continue to support the company’s strategic goals.

We achieve our goal by employing agents and specialists who genuinely enjoy working in security or protective services. Our personnel have experience operating within the military and security services environment and possess the experience of working with some of the world’s most recognizable individuals, including presidents and royals. As a result, we have unprecedented contacts with security forces and diplomatic networks around the globe. We require a ‘high’ level of commitment of all our employees: thoroughly trained and licensed security personnel. All IPS employees are committed to providing consistent, high-quality service, which reflected in the development and implementation of the client, focused quality assurance, and continuous improvement processes.
  • Our employees motivated through competitive compensation, recognition, and training
  • Our Customers are driven through contract compliance and management review
  • Our Company propelled through a system of audits and quality assurance processes

The Crew

Ricky Yazdani

Ricky Yazdani

Founder/ Chief Executive Officer
Head of Counter Terror Instructor
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Stan Alamut

Counter/ Terror Instructor
Israeli Tactical School
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Fred Warmer

Head Of Leadership
Personal Development & Combat Drills.
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Karol Przybyła, Head Of Krav Maga & Tactical Shooting Instructor IESA

Karol Przybyła

Head Of Krav Maga &
Tactical Shooting Instructor
Israeli Tactical School
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James Jeong

Head of Global Operations High-Risk Protection
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Richard van Beek 

Law Enforcement Instructor

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Pascal Duzink

Head of Executive Security drivers
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Tim Swanborn

Head of Driving Instructor
Armored Car VR 4 / 9
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Michel Braker

Head of Instructor Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC)
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Alex de Sanit

Head of Extreme Outdoor Combat Survival
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