Security Solutions for any Business

Security Solutions for any Business

Are you looking for a security agents team for your Business in Amsterdam, Netherland, or worldwide?

We know that your business needs are continually changing, and our security services are designed to adapt to those needs. Our mission is to be as valuable to you as a business partner and go that extra mile and protect your business, and we will always be available when you need us the most. No matter what industry your company operates in, International Protection services provide the highest quality security service to keep your business safe at all times.

International Protection Services is known for its professionalism, superior commitment to our clients, and dedication to providing premium commercial security services. Using integrated security technology to create a reliable solution that achieves your goals in a cost-efficient manner is our highest priority. We recognize that no two situations are alike. On-site protection plans, security guard services, and high-tech systems by International Protection Services are specifically designed for your location. We have met and exceeded many clients' expectations in the retail, industrial, organizational, government, and institutional sectors.

Corporations, government offices, and institutions are obligated to protect people and property from the real threats of violence and terrorism. No company wants to be held liable for the failure to guard against a foreseeable threat to safety and security. Our security officers are screened, selected, and trained to be reliable in every way. International Protection Services can help stop trouble before it arrives at your doorstep. We're here to help understand your security needs, assess the situation, and suggest a security plan to keep your people and property safe. When researching what type of security guard to hire, it's essential to consider the unique aspects of your environment, risk-level, and industry.

International Protection Services will provide its clients with the following:

  • Specialist security officers for your Law Firm
  • Specialist security officers for your store and Store Detectives
  • Emergency protocol in case of fire
  • Access control
  • Entrance greetings and information
  • Threat assessment and risk analysis
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