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Bodyguards/Close Protection officer course!!

Upcoming Bodyguards/Close Protection officer course!!

12 – 16 October 2020
€1499,- incl VAT
SVPB Certification (Dutch license)

Are you looking for a career in private security and working as a bodyguard?
Bodyguards, also known as Close Protection Officers, are employed to protect their clients from physical attacks, kidnappings, and any other form of harassment or dangerous scenario.
Then this is your chance. In a very intensive 5-day program, you will receive an introduction to all the practical and theoretical knowledge and skills you need to work as a personal security guard in the Netherlands.
The bodyguard training Level I training is in the Netherlands. During the training, several exercises are diverted to unique locations with the VIP. Some of the specific modules are conducted in English (due to the international nature).

Several learning objectives:
– Basic and legal knowledge of personal security
– Route planning – Exploration
– Formations running
– Personal security techniques
– Entry and exit procedure
– Specialist driving techniques
– The resilience of personal protection
– Medical training
– Observation & Perception
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